About Smart Media Network

About Us

For the first time ever an effort is on to create an avenue through a media platform comprised of top journalists, writers, analysts and people with expertise on art and culture which will make it easy for its followers and readers news dissemination easy and add value to the essence through write ups in-layed with interpretations. We make news and its analysis a kind of quest leading to the roots.

We take the readers for a while away from the television channels and make it available through our apps which is ready at the touch of the screen. There shall be no topic of real importance that this digital platform would ever deprive its readers to miss for which this platform is armed not only with good journalists but a professional team comprised of IT, VT, Graphics and designers to enchance its quality. Smart Media Network is all set to bring in a kind of revolution in the field.



The SM Network has prepared a first-time-ever make-it-short page of a flip board, Sankhipta, which makes you travel through the world of news with the touch of the thumb with the latest video, still and content takedowns. Sankhipta comprises 60 words news along with a picture to cater to the viewers who are busy and find little time to go through long articles. It is a bilingual mobile app platform that has the promise and commitment to stand apart and is designed to run on smart phone devices.

The Samikhsya

thesamikhsya.com is a news portal that goes beyond the news. The bilingual portal – Odia and English – features analyses, opinions, columns on politics, economy, development, environment, wildlife, entertainment, culture, art, sports and other aspects of life. It carries in-depth articles and features by veteran journalists, experts, scholars and people working at the grassroots.


Smart Media Network also undertakes the promotional assignments like organizing events for several issues relevant to social, business, corporate, real-estate and government for which it is equipped with a team professional staff for the event management. Which looks after all the aspects related to the events as desired by the client for which the professional fees are categorized depending on the kind of events, their location and guests.